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Welcome to the coaching blog.
Your pleasure is my real reward.

I’d like to assist you to awaken unique love.

In that way, we can open a door to your authentic power.


Iravati Nandini

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Let´s learn about it a bit deeper A poor man says to a wise man: »I´m so poor and have nothing. Why?« The sage tells him: »You should learn the art of giving.« The poor man inquires: » How can I give anything if I have […]
Lie and Truth meet at the lake and start a conversation. Lie talks to Truth: » What a beautiful day we have. « Truth looks around and replies: » Yes indeed. « Then Lie suggests: » Maybe we could take a bath? « Truth responds: » […]
Fortunate people love and are loved. But material fortune is flickering. This story is all about it. Ramdas was riksha driver in Vraja. His company collapsed. It made him feel bad. He says: » What a misfortune! « His father replies: »Fortune or misfortune, we will […]

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